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Disney Villains Collection 2022: Cruella


If anyone knows fashion it's Cruella, she's glamorous, creative, iconic, and a little crazy.
This design perfectly represents her essence, it is challenging, disruptive, unique, and enigmatic like her.
 This amazing dress will make the wearer say: I am a woman, I am brilliant, hear me roar.
Dress in 3 pieces: corset with an asymmetrical neckline loaded towards the right side and from there comes a long sleeve which ends up to the fingers to look like a glove, waist, and sleeve covered with a shiny mesh, neckline framed by rhinestones with details in black and iridescent, with a detachable shoulder pad with studs and chains which cross to the corset.  The skirt with a tail length of 1.80 m in tulle, a removable asymmetrical skirt, at the front, becoming longer towards the right side, with puffing and ruffles at the back, with a tail length of 3.5 m with a hidden phrase representative of Cruella in the arena of this.


Color: Red
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    All Sales are final. No refunds, exchanges or cancellations are accepted for made-to-order dresses, which includes: ALL Quinceanera Dresses from every designer.

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