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Disney Villains Collection 2022: Evil Queen


Evil Queen is the ruler of an enchanted kingdom, she is perfectionist, vain, majestic, sinister, and territorial.
 Her imposingness is absorbed by this incredible dress, which when worn will make you not want to stop looking at yourself in front of the mirror.
Complete 1-piece navy dress with silver contrast;  draped corset with brooch framing the central part, accompanied by a stone engraved with the haunted apple, thin straps covered in rhinestones falling towards the back;  skirt with embroidery made with representative shapes of the Evil Queen, such as the haunted apple, the crown and shapes of the mirror frame.


Color: Navy
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    All Sales are final. No refunds, exchanges or cancellations are accepted for made-to-order dresses, which includes: ALL Quinceanera Dresses from every designer.

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